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I have upgrade this site to the next level!

go to

and enjoy :3
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Rosstin, Feb 29, 12 8:58 PM.
Hey guys...I logged on the other day and saw that my VIP ran out...meaning the guild shut down to...BUT! The guild is back up and running and Amanda and I placed the guild stone where it was and guild chat is but on. SO! Invite more people to the guild and have it grow more. We are now standing at 28/50 guild :O meaning we lost to people when the guild "died for a couple days" and we have a problem of about 7-10 players on our guild who haven't played in please invite anyone, just make sure they are active! :D - Amanda & Austin

We need a plan...

Rosstin, Feb 13, 12 12:13 AM.
So i'll admit i haven't been on the site much at all and same with most of the guild...We need to change this around :O I still love the shirt and hat ideas and still want this guild to grow and have everyone love this website n talk to each other and ect. Please if you read this comment this news and give ideas on how to make this guild site grow or ideas of a new guild sitE?    -Ross


Rosstin, Jan 22, 12 1:40 PM.
Hey guys, we've been thinking of maybe a NEW website!?! :O Something better and where you don't have to log in or sign up for. So....if we do this then you guys better go to it a lot >:U XD hahaha.  If you have any ideas for a new site let me know ASAP!!!!   -Ross


Rosstin, Dec 30, 11 10:05 PM.
Guys sorry I haven;'t been on this site in such a long time,  please do NOT get on mabi, there is a hack going on taking everything from you and I don't want that to happen to you guys.  I'm thinking about getting a new site where you don't have to sign up for so its better for you guys to get on and enjoy. I will though post some G16 INFO! that's being test atm in korea :O!  Hope you had a good Christmas and have a good New Year! -Austin and Amanda.


Amane Kuchiki, Nov 25, 11 4:46 AM.
Sorry guys, I haven't been updating the news lately (whoops, my bad :D) Anyways, I'd like to wish you all a happy belated Thanksgiving! Austin and I were at his grandmother's house to celebrate. Unfortunately, I didn't get to celebrate with my family because of my sister.. The moral of this story is, kids, be thankful for what you have. I had mine taken away from me way too early in life, but given back to me by my dear boyfriend ♥
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